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Resources for Photographers

  • The b School
    photo-friends with benefits! A resource dedicated to photographers helping photographers.
  • Totally Rad Actions
    From the makers of the radest actions on the planet comes this totally rad blog filled with tips, tricks and awesome articles on everything that is photography
  • The Boudoir Divas Blog
    Southern California's premier Boudoir studio offering Boudoir photographers tons of insight into this awesome industry
  • Skip's Photo Network
    Skip Cohen's Marketing Essentials International blog, focusing on marketing and education. Their goal is to help photographers work through the challenges of building, growing and maintaining an active business in today's photographic market.
  • photofocus
    Online photography magazine, publishing articles daily, with the intent of informing, entertaining and educating people who are interested in photography.
  • Going Pro
    An amazing website and useful resource dedicated to emerging professional photographers, by Skip Cohen and Scott Bourne